Some of the concrete pumping services we concentrate on, but are not limited to, are:

  • Concrete pumping
  • Footers
  • Masonry
  • 2-4 inch line
  • Stair pans
  • Slab jacking
  • Shotcrete (sprayed concrete)
  • Slabs/flatwork
  • Aggregate mixes up to 1 ½ inches
  • High pressure nozzle
  • Flowable fill
  • Gunite
  • Block fill
  • Pressure grouting
  • Tunnel and mine support
  • Foundations
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Tie backs
  • Vertical concrete pumping for multiple story buildings

What We Do

Our competent construction pumping services are completely insured for residential, commercial, and industrial concrete placement. We can meet any size job and any concrete placing demand with over 20 years of experience in the field and a full yard with 10+ trailer pumps.

Down-pour pumping, power jacking, tie beams, slabs, house lintels, sinkholes, prefab columns, and sauna tubes are among the concrete services provided by our well-trained employees. Our well-maintained, modern fleet of line pumps can pump pea rock, grout, or rock with diameters of 3/8′′, 3/4′′, or 1′′.

Concrete For Residential And Commercial Use

Commercial concrete is supplied by our trained staff for a wide range of commercial applications. As a result, at Texas Concrete Pumping, we have a lot of experience delivering commercial concrete at low pricing. 

Texas Concrete Pumping offers not only the knowledge and experience, but also the correct attitude to provide you with the concrete pumping services you need. We always have an available unit(s) to service your task thanks to our broad inventory of trailer pumps. We are excited to collaborate with you!

Concrete For Projects

Almost all big commercial operations, especially those involving the construction of buildings, necessitate the use of concrete. Whether you’re building new residences or participating in the construction of a new commercial structure like a retail centre or office, our team can supply you with the best quality, most inexpensive commercial concrete.

We provide each customer with 200 feet of hose as standard, but if you need us to pump lengthy distances, we can supply the hoses you need, and our equipment can pump up to 1,250 feet. For all of our tasks, we primarily use hydraulic trailer pump units, which can maintain a volume of up to 70 cubic yards per hour and aggregate up to 1.5 inches thick.

Why Should You Hire Us For Concrete?

Specialists with restricted access.
A large mobile fleet is available.
Time slots set aside for deliveries.


Deliveries of Excellent Quality

We at Texas Concrete Pumping recognize that all significant and minor commercial projects necessitate large-scale concrete delivery, which is why we’re dedicated to offering a service that’s adapted to their specific requirements.

Our experts can assist you with any quantity of commercial concrete or style of concrete you desire. We can assign you a project manager who will be your point of contact from the time you place your order until it is delivered, thanks to our expertise.

Please don’t hesitate to call or contact us at 972-737-1445 if you’re looking for a truly thorough and expert approach to commercial concrete.


Concrete Pumping for Retaining Walls

Our team of professional concrete pumping services will work with your structural professionals to pour concrete where the specifications specify. We understand the process and have the tools needed to finish any retaining wall, whether it’s for waterproofing, residential or business foundations, or simply for cosmetic purposes.

Pumping the Lintels in the House

Our pump operators install 50 boards on the job’s walls for 50 clean outs, which are included in the service price. Additional boards can be requested. The walls are checked by experienced workers to ensure that the down cells can fill.

When the mixer truck arrives on site, the operator double-checks that the truss straps are properly attached, labelled, and legible. The garage header is secured with J bolts, and the ground and walls are scraped to make it appear as if we never were. The operator goes over each inspection hole one more time before removing the boards and nails.

Sinkholes and Power Jacking

To ensure effective void filling, our most powerful pumps can reach pressures of nearly 4,000 PSI. We have the skills and equipment to successfully collaborate with your sinkhole experts to get the job done, whether a void has formed beneath a slab, road bed, parking garage, or office structure.